Regular maintenance is the key to your vehicles longevity and performance. Don't put off that clunk or squeek any longer, schedule an appointment today.

      Brakes & Rotors



Get all of you brake needs here with a flat rate on the service. Whether you need a line repaired, air purged, pads and rotors replaced we do everything needed to maximize your vehicles stopping power. Don't drive around with faulty brakes any longer, schedule your service today.


-Pad and rotor replacement

-Purge the air and refill with fluid

-Emergency brake inspection and service



Make sure your car if preforming correctly and safely. Simple fluid and filter changes, air conditioning, ball joints, u-joints, axle service, engine tune up. Anything and everything you need to keep driving down the road.


-Oil change

-Differential fluid

-Transmission fluid flush

-Fuel filters

-Air filters

-Sensor cleaning

-All you routine servicing needs

-Complementary fluid top off with all services



Don't drive any longer with a vehicle that rides rough. Come get all your suspensions needs done today. New shocks, coil springs, leaf springs, mounts & bushing. Or if you want to simply haul more or ride smoother we can show you what options are available to upgrade your suspension. Does your vehicle pull to one side or make noises it shouldn't? Schedule an appointment today and we will be able to diagnose the problem at no cost to you.


-Tie rods

-CV Axles

-Hubs & Bearings

-Steering linkage

-Shock replacement

-Mounts & Bushings

-Anything you need to keep going down the road smoothly and safely